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Let Go & Let God In.

Talking from my life ~ For many years I held onto fear, hurt and rejection. I never let God touch me in those areas. God didn’t make me go through it, ‘I chose’ to live in it,

Are you also resisting God in some area of your life?
Stop blaming situations around you or your past. You can NOW walk in the peace that’s beyond all understanding. After all, Jesus is the Prince of Peace. And you are His child!!!! But He won’t force anything on you until you allow Him.

Wanna know how I tapped into it? All I said in my heart was, “Father, give me the strength to let go & forgive”. Yes!! that was pretty much it. Before saying these words no one laid hands on me nor did I fast for 20 days. After that I didn’t see any outward manifestations- oil didn’t flow out of my hands, I didn’t feel any goosebumps, nor did I feel any cold or hot wind. (I’m not against all that, but just sharing). A day later I suddenly realised that I didn’t feel anymore pain and had peace flowing in and out of me.

You too can choose to tap into the KAIROS(God’s time). It doesn’t skip the process but quickens it.

What are you still holding onto today — wounds from the past, offenses, hurt or even toxic relationships?
Let go and let Him in. You can step into your God moment anytime. You have the grace to do so.
Only you can decide how much of His light you allow in different areas of your life.

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Published by Natalia Kashyap

A young girl inspired by the word of God to write, prophesy, edify & to break lies over all who read and receive!🔥

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