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The Invite To The Table

The Invite To The Table – Natalia Kashyap

I had a beautiful encounter and I journaled it down and randomly thought of trying to turn it into a poem and therefore, “The Invite To The Table”.

2 nights ago, I was just processing life and went down this memory lane of how when I was a kid, I always wanted to sit at a huge table with my family(for context: it’s always been mom & me) but that never really happened and I too would move out soon.

I allowed myself to grieve about it. A lot of times we carry unnecessary wounds in our hearts not allowing our hearts to grieve, process with God/people, heal & let go coz of whatever X Y Z reasons.

With these thoughts going on, I started seeing an open eye vision where I saw God, Jesus & Holy Spirit laughing & sitting at a table full of food with one chair empty for me and invited me saying, “COME TO EAT WITH US”. *inserts 100 crying emojis*

Just want you to know if you’re away from your family or don’t have one, God is waiting at the table for you to commune with Him and He will also place you in a beautiful family. #his_grace_covers_us_in_the_areas_we_lack

Also, here I’m talking about my blood family, I have the most beautiful family I could ask for right now ~ FOLJ & Bridge Music.

Hoping this will bless you.

Love, Nat.

Editing credits: my beautiful friend, Jemima.


Published by Natalia Kashyap

A young girl inspired by the word of God to write, prophesy, edify & to break lies over all who read and receive!🔥

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