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Family. {Part 1}

God has assigned each one of us in a family [I’m not just talking about blood relations here] where we will grow, learn, be nurtured, loved and accepted for who we are but wait… that’s not it! In a family, we will also fall, make mistakes, hurt each other and maybe even get offended.

If you’re looking for a perfect family, I’ll suggest that you drop that idea because a perfect family does not exist. It’s really very important to have a family where you know you belong coz without a family we cannot fulfill our calling or reach our destination. Yes, we might be able to get to some point but we won’t be able to reach the end.

So my church Family of Lord Jesus[FOLJ], It’s been two and a half years since I’m a part of this beautiful family and what a journey it’s been for me. ❤ So when I had initially started coming I saw this beautiful funny dream where I was in some heavenly realm and I was holding a beautiful new born baby which I knew was mine because I had that joy of a mother I guess[lol] and later when I woke up, I found it very weird but after a few days when I shared this with the pastor[Ankit dadda], he said that the baby represents destiny and that I need to nurture it just how one would nurture a baby for it to grow and it all made sense. That’s when I knew my journey had really started and now that I look back, I know I’ve grown in this family.

No matter which part of the world you are in right now or however much you travel, “FIND YOUR TRIBE”.

When you find your “tribe“, you start to “thrive“.

Love & Blessings,

Natalia Kashyap


Published by Natalia Kashyap

A young girl inspired by the word of God to write, prophesy, edify & to break lies over all who read and receive!🔥

2 thoughts on “Family. {Part 1}

  1. wanted to let you know that the dream of a baby you’ve talked about have interpreted a dream I had. It had so much more details which have unfolded, connected and makes so much sense with one key word “destiny” which you have put out. Iam So blessed by it….. Bless you

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  2. This re-inspired me, the topic you choose is really matters… because this is the thing which holds us into church and with good surrounding,yeah sometimes the ups and downs are there but family always work on that to stay together and walk further together God bless you sister ✨🔥✨

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