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Is Hearing God Only for God’s Chosen Frozen?

How & Where My Journey Started of Hearing God.

As a born Christian, I always grew up hearing that God hears and that I could talk to Him too but practically nobody taught me how to hear the voice of God till I turned 15!

It was 2016 December(when I wasn’t a part of FOLJ), about some 88 people from the church were going on a trip to Sattal, Nanital and I hardly knew a person or two. A lot happened from the church having to cancel buses to booking an entire railway carriage but to put this in short, my mom forcefully took me along (the only time she’s forced me honestly for which I’m grateful now :p) and man!!

In one of the sessions on the trip, Pastor Ankit Sajwan(now my spiritual father), taught about imagination from Matthew where it says, even if you look at someone with lustful eyes, it’s already done in the eyes of God. Now I had heard a lot of preachers preach from that verse stating not to sin but this was different, he continued after reading the verse saying that this is also true for imagining the opposite and that immediately caught my attention!!

And he continued saying that when I imagine giving Jesus a hug, He’s receiving it in Heaven so towards the end he played some instrumental, asked us all to imagine a bench, a garden and imagine Jesus walking toward us and hear that still small voice speaking to us and right there I had my first one on one encounter with Jesus!!

I’ll be super transparent with y’all, recently around that time someone had called me a characterless girl, and I was already an orphan in spirit who didn’t know her identity or worth so deep down I was really wounded. I wasn’t at all thinking about this when we sat down to hear God and it wasn’t like a movie started playing too but I “intentionally” had to imagine a garden, a bench and Jesus coming toward me and that’s when I heard Him say, “My daughter, I’ve made you in My image and likeness” and bam! I broke into tears and got healed of this wound that I didn’t even know was there and it’s been a beautiful journey of healing from there. Trust me y’all, I used to be the exact opposite of how I am now!

Later at the bonfire, people saw angels, clouds, swords and what not! And I was really bummed because I couldn’t, haha. I remember walking up to my pastor and asking him why I couldn’t and all he said was “right now just imagine the Father loving you and as you keep doing that, there’ll be a time when the Holy Spirit will take hold of it”. His answer didn’t excite me much but I did exactly what he said and grew from hearing for myself to hearing for others and the prophetic for all who know me now 😉 So that’s pretty much how I started hearing God.

I’m gonna end this with saying that please don’t believe lies that only people on stage, big known men of God or only prophets can hear His voice and prophesy. I believe all of us can hear the Father’s voice and prophesy but not everyone is a prophet. The gift and the office are two different things, I’ll talk more about the prophetic soon but just like how we have natural senses, we have spiritual senses too that need to be practiced in order to grow in it!

P.s.- It all starts as a seed, so go nurture it!!

Love, Nat.

The trip from 2016 December that changed my life upside-down!

The Invite To The Table

The Invite To The Table – Natalia Kashyap

I had a beautiful encounter and I journaled it down and randomly thought of trying to turn it into a poem and therefore, “The Invite To The Table”.

2 nights ago, I was just processing life and went down this memory lane of how when I was a kid, I always wanted to sit at a huge table with my family(for context: it’s always been mom & me) but that never really happened and I too would move out soon.

I allowed myself to grieve about it. A lot of times we carry unnecessary wounds in our hearts not allowing our hearts to grieve, process with God/people, heal & let go coz of whatever X Y Z reasons.

With these thoughts going on, I started seeing an open eye vision where I saw God, Jesus & Holy Spirit laughing & sitting at a table full of food with one chair empty for me and invited me saying, “COME TO EAT WITH US”. *inserts 100 crying emojis*

Just want you to know if you’re away from your family or don’t have one, God is waiting at the table for you to commune with Him and He will also place you in a beautiful family. #his_grace_covers_us_in_the_areas_we_lack

Also, here I’m talking about my blood family, I have the most beautiful family I could ask for right now ~ FOLJ & Bridge Music.

Hoping this will bless you.

Love, Nat.

Editing credits: my beautiful friend, Jemima.

Let Go & Let God In.

Talking from my life ~ For many years I held onto fear, hurt and rejection. I never let God touch me in those areas. God didn’t make me go through it, ‘I chose’ to live in it,

Are you also resisting God in some area of your life?
Stop blaming situations around you or your past. You can NOW walk in the peace that’s beyond all understanding. After all, Jesus is the Prince of Peace. And you are His child!!!! But He won’t force anything on you until you allow Him.

Wanna know how I tapped into it? All I said in my heart was, “Father, give me the strength to let go & forgive”. Yes!! that was pretty much it. Before saying these words no one laid hands on me nor did I fast for 20 days. After that I didn’t see any outward manifestations- oil didn’t flow out of my hands, I didn’t feel any goosebumps, nor did I feel any cold or hot wind. (I’m not against all that, but just sharing). A day later I suddenly realised that I didn’t feel anymore pain and had peace flowing in and out of me.

You too can choose to tap into the KAIROS(God’s time). It doesn’t skip the process but quickens it.

What are you still holding onto today — wounds from the past, offenses, hurt or even toxic relationships?
Let go and let Him in. You can step into your God moment anytime. You have the grace to do so.
Only you can decide how much of His light you allow in different areas of your life.

#peaceout #swordoflight #nataliakashyap

You Carry the Authority to Rebuke Your Storms.

“You have authority over any storm you can sleep in.” – Bill Johnson

Rest is a fruit of dwelling in His presence and it’s in our DNA to operate from a place of rest but what are you dwelling on today?

Do not dwell on what the world is saying, for it is screaming death. My pastor (Ankit Sajwan) says it like this ~ Fear feeds on information but faith feeds on revelation. #dwellontheword
Quiet down every voice and hear what the Father is saying (first of all say this in your heart, I am His sheep & I hear His voice).

Know Who You Are and What You Carry.

You are a TOUCH NOT ENTITY. You are the light that’s ought to shine in the darkness and it’s honestly sad if Christians are living in fear and all panicked at the moment because of this virus. I’m not saying I’m against you taking precautions or that it’s wrong but if you’re living in fear then that might be a problem coz living in fear is not for us and this weak virus is only thriving on fear.

Fear is a spirit and we know that God has not given us a spirit of fear but He’s given us authority over all the power of the enemy. (Luke 10:19 TPT ~ Now you understand that I have imparted to you all my authority to trample over his kingdom. You will trample upon every demon before you and overcome every power Satan possesses. Absolutely nothing will be able to harm you as you walk in this authority) and let me tell you, in Hebrews, ALL MEANS ALL & NOTHING means NOTHING… as simple as that.

So if you’ve read so far, I’d want you to do one thing before going to bed. I want you to imagine you’re holding a sword (or whatever weapon you like) and see yourself slaying the head of this virus or not just that, any fear that you may have.
One last thing I wanna share about imagination. We know that in Matthew, it says, that if we even just look at someone with lustful eyes, it’s already done in the eyes of God and so it’s the same for the opposite annnnd I’ll leave you with this thought. 🙂 #imaginationispowerful

Love & Blessings
Natalia Kashyap

Family. {Part 1}

God has assigned each one of us in a family [I’m not just talking about blood relations here] where we will grow, learn, be nurtured, loved and accepted for who we are but wait… that’s not it! In a family, we will also fall, make mistakes, hurt each other and maybe even get offended.

If you’re looking for a perfect family, I’ll suggest that you drop that idea because a perfect family does not exist. It’s really very important to have a family where you know you belong coz without a family we cannot fulfill our calling or reach our destination. Yes, we might be able to get to some point but we won’t be able to reach the end.

So my church Family of Lord Jesus[FOLJ], It’s been two and a half years since I’m a part of this beautiful family and what a journey it’s been for me. ❤ So when I had initially started coming I saw this beautiful funny dream where I was in some heavenly realm and I was holding a beautiful new born baby which I knew was mine because I had that joy of a mother I guess[lol] and later when I woke up, I found it very weird but after a few days when I shared this with the pastor[Ankit dadda], he said that the baby represents destiny and that I need to nurture it just how one would nurture a baby for it to grow and it all made sense. That’s when I knew my journey had really started and now that I look back, I know I’ve grown in this family.

No matter which part of the world you are in right now or however much you travel, “FIND YOUR TRIBE”.

When you find your “tribe“, you start to “thrive“.

Love & Blessings,

Natalia Kashyap